Why Venatrix?

Solana has a discoverability problem. We intend to fix it.
The easiest questions seem to be so difficult
Show me all projects that:
  • Give to charity or
  • Have staking or
  • Have Rev-share or
  • Provide NFT analytics or
  • Are the greatest animated comedy show
How would you find these projects? How would someone new to the ecosystem find these projects?
We're solving this
The vast majority of marketplaces, sites, etc. are focused on what's minting now or this week. Because of this, the value of older projects will decline regardless of how well they are delivering & providing value. Nearly every successful & established, aka older, project is finding itself having to answer for falling floor prices.
The common thread is an ecosystem that doesn't reward sustainable success like it does the shiny new mint of the day. Nearly the entire ecosystem is focused on extracting value from new projects, launchpad fees / announcement fees / paid influencer hype fees, & older projects & communities are cast aside.
Projects are stuck between deciding on creating some new mint, to feed into this vicious cycle, rather than the original vision that would provide value.
When everything is focused on the mint of the week, new collectors never even hear about the amazing projects that are consistently delivering value.
Centralized, colossal marketplaces are picking winners & losers for projects, minting now = win / minted last month = lose. They are also picking the winners & losers for project coins created by those projects by not including those as options.
Additionally, where can a brand new collector go to see the updates from a project? Do you scroll through 4000 twitter posts of random thoughts & meme's so you can find & read the 30 updates? Do you have to do that for every project?
There are 100 different sites to commoditize collections & art to let you become a high-frequency NFT day trader. And another 100 different sites all pumping the mint of the day or week. It has essentially nothing to help an outsider see what existing projects are doing.
If new collectors can't easily find good information on existing projects & the only thing they hear about is what's minting today, what do you think happens?
This isn't sustainable & collections aren't disposable razors to be discarded each week.