How to run a successful event

Running a successful Kranky event is no different than any other kind of event you run with your community.
If you already have an enormous, energetic community then you can get away with a little less planning but to maximize success you shouldn't ignore initial planning.
Successful Meetups, Twitter Spaces, Discord events, Mints, Giveaways, Raffles, Auctions, etc. and Kranky events all require:
  • Define your objective: What are you trying to accomplish? Make sure you share this with your community so they can help.
  • Develop a timeline: Is your Kranky event going to coincide with a Twitter Space, some announcement, just for fun on Taco Tuesday, or a surprise event later today? Whatever the reason or event, giving your community a heads up about something fun coming soon will only help your event.
  • Promote your event: What's the plan to generate buzz and inform your community.
  • Seek feedback and evaluate success: After the event, gather feedback from your community, team members, partners to gather insights for improvement. Evaluate the event's success based on your objectives, community involvement, feedback, and post-event analysis.
Last modified 8mo ago