Affiliate Marketing Program

The Kreechures affiliate marketing program rewards collectors for their efforts in expanding awareness of Venatrix and its value
Kreechures Affiliate Marketing Program
We are looking to create a program where we succeed together.
Fees collected from Venatrix will be dispersed in the following manner:
  • 30% is allocated to Kreechures for Venatrix infrastructure & misc. costs
  • 70% is allocated to all Kreechure owners that opt-in to the affiliate marketing program
  • Kreechures will also participate in this program with any Kreechures still owned by Kreechures
The affiliate marketing dashboard can be found here.
Fees will be dispersed, once a month, on a per Kreechure basis to all eligible participants.
Fees will be prorated by number of Kreechures owned per day participating in the program. As in, if you buy a brand new Kreechure one day prior to payout, you will receive less, 1/30th-ish, of the amount someone with the same number of Kreechures owned during the entire period.
  • Affiliate marketing must be legal in your jurisdiction
  • NFTs must be legal in your jurisdiction
  • All Solana tokens must be legal in your jurisdiction
  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Must agree to add〣 @KREECHURES ⬢ 〣 or 〣⬢ @KREECHURES, 1st #NFT project on #Solana ⬢〣to your twitter bio. A check will be done prior to payout.
  • Must claim your free Twitter domain from Bonfida. Payouts will be sent to the Solana account you have configured with your Twitter domain.
The signup form is located here.
Kreechures participating in the exact same program as the rest of the community creates an environment where we truly succeed together. We'll be in this together. Not much more beautiful than that.
{Of note, this concept of affiliate marketing for NFT collections began with Taiyo Robotics. I can't express enough appreciation to them for searching for sustainable, legal avenues to reward collectors.}
Last modified 1yr ago